The #breathewithme Revolution is a movement to enlist all allies in racial justice

  • Turning protest into policy
  • Supporting racial justice organizations 
  • The Black America ReFund:  Poverty eradication solutions that lead to Economic Justice for Black people
  • Movement building that leads to a Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Commission in the United States
  • Putting the Truth of 400+ years of systematic oppression into an Archive of Racial and Cultural Healing to inform Restorative Justice (ARCH)™
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Racial Healing and Transformation Action in the first 100 days

228 Organizations have signed on to support a U.S. Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Commission see full list Link Here


Leigh Blake, Ann Haggart – Fame Currency Inc

Prophet – 50/50 Music Group/Black Music Action Coalition

Damien Smith – Fullstop Management/Black Music Action Coalition 

 Sia Lyimo, Andy Downham – Kandi

The Giving Back Fund

Photo: Koshu kunii

 And our brilliant team:

Dr. Paul Zeitz – Build A Movement 2020 and Co-Chair of the National COVID-19 Emergency Response Group

Dr. Marcus Anthony Hunter – Scott Waugh Endowed Chair in the Division of the Social Sciences, Professor of Sociology, and the Inaugural Chair of the department of African American Studies at UCLA

Indy03 – Artist,  #breathewithme Ambasssador